Outdoor Living Inc. is the experts when it comes to motorized screens for pergolas and outdoor living spaces. With years of experience, they have developed six ways they can help you find the perfect motorized screen solution for your needs.

First, Outdoor Living Inc., delivers high-quality motorized screens by Cardinal Architectural that are designed with attention to detail, ensuring a perfect fit for any home or business in Myrtle Beach.

Second, our team of experienced professionals will come out to assess your space and provide custom solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

Third, we offer installation services to ensure that your motorized screens are correctly installed and ready to use as soon as possible.

Fourth, we specialize in weatherproofing options so you can enjoy the outdoors all year round.

Fifth, we understand the importance of convenience and offer remote controls so you can raise or lower your motorized screen with ease.

Finally, we provide maintenance and repair services to keep your screens functioning at peak performance.

If you're looking for a motorized screen solution in Myrtle Beach, look no further than Outdoor Living Inc. With their expertise and dedication to customer service, they'll help you find the perfect solution that meets all of your needs. Get in touch today to learn more! Finally, their standout customer service is second to none and they will be there every step of the way to ensure that you get exactly what you need.